Alfriston walk 2022.

Saturday 17th December to Sunday 18th December 2022.

There were complications this year owing to a two day train strike which meant half the walkers had to arrange car journeys to get to Falmer station.  Michael had the best idea by booking a cottage in Alfriston for the Friday and Saturday nights but on Saturday morning, a burst water main which was then leaving ice across the main road meant his taxi couldn't collect him!  Myself and Ruth collected Smoth, Bob and George from Alfriston and drove to Falmer.  We had our new puppy, Sybil, in the car with us. 

We met the Bish family at the farm shop and started eating the mince pies early.  Ian tried to get to the top of the path but it was too icy.  The walk past Kingston was stunning in the sun and Paul and Clive appeared after walking up from Lewes.  The Abergavenny Arms was under new ownership and was really good, friendly staff, nice food that appeared very quickly, recommended. 

We stopped at Southease church but it was locked, Ian joined us for a group photograph but was too lazy and warm to get out of his car!

The square looked lovely when we arrived and then we toddled off to the Deans Place.  We were lucky to have the big room to ourselves once Kathy had scared a couple away!  It was quite a chuckle in the room with Kathy jamming to her presets and everyone eating and drinking, great evening.

Black ice everywhere after it rained on freezing ground.

Great to see Paul Scovell this year, it was 
exactly a year ago he lost Peter, his brother.

Great food at the Abergavenny Arms. 

It was very icy in places.

Spent the evening at Deans Place hotel.

Myself and Smoth camped again, it was about -3C and I can't say I got much sleep but when we crawled out, the frost had gone at last.

Jo and her girls made us a stunning breakfast,
it has been 3 years since we could do this!

Kathy's organ...

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